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Do you own an HP printer? No matter whether it is an old one or a new one. No matter whether it is PhotoSmart, OfficeJet, LaserJet, InkJet, Envy, or any other. We are here to give you the best assistance for all HP printer models. We are a third-party service provider working tirelessly to assist and make your printing experience wonderful.

Our Guide On HP Printer Setup

Right from unpacking the printer, downloading the printer driver, connecting the printer to your computer, we will guide you through your complete journey with your HP printer. Our assistance doesn't end up with this. If you face any issues with your printer, like printer not printing, printer offline, printing blank pages, we will assist you in resolving the issue efficiently.

HP Printer Setup And Troubleshooting Guidance



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HP Printer Wireless Setup

Wireless connectivity has completely transformed the way we operate our devices. Instead of using cables, you can connect your device over a network and print wirelessly. Here are the instructions to complete the wireless setup of your HP printer.

For printing your documents wirelessly, you should have a wireless printer.

Depending upon your printer model, you can connect your printer and the router via Wi-Fi Setup Wizard, WPS, and Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Once you have connected your printer and router, connect your computer to the same network.
  • Download the printer driver from the HP website and run the setup file. Accept the terms and conditions and choose the connection type as Wireless.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your computer's screen and complete the wireless setup.

HP Printer Wired Setup

If your printer doesn’t support wireless connectivity or you prefer to go ahead with the wired setup, the following instructions can help you:

  • Download the printer driver and run the setup file.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and choose your connection method as USB.
  • Connect the USB cable between your printer and computer and complete the wired setup.


HP ePrint Setup

HP ePrint is just similar to any other cloud-based service. An active Internet connection is all you need to go ahead with ePrint. With HP ePrint, you can email your documents directly to your printer and send the print jobs to your printer from almost anywhere in the world. Here are the instructions for setting up HP ePrint.

  • On your HP printer, press the HP ePrint button and then tap Setup on the printer control panel.
  • Turn on the web services by following the instructions. Once you have enabled Web Services, tap Print/Print Info.
  • Now your printer's email address will be displayed on your printer control panel, and your printer will print an information page with your printer's email address.
  • Link your printer to the HP Smart application and open the document/photo that you want to print.
  • Tap Share and choose the Email option. In the To field, enter your printer's email address and enter any subject related to the print job in the Subject field.
  • Finally, tap Send.
  • Now your printer will start printing the document you have sent.

HP Printer Scan Setup

Scanning the documents enables you to digitalize your hard copies. The HP Smart application has simplified the way of scanning documents/images.

Follow the upcoming instructions to scan from your HP printer.Before you go ahead with the Scan setup, check whether you have loaded enough paper in the paper tray.

  • If you have installed HP Smart on your computer, download the application from the official support page of HP and install it on your computer by adhering to the instructions.
  • Now, launch HP Smart and click Add Printer.
  • When it shows you a list of printers, choose your printer model and click Continue. Then, click Scan> Get Started.
  • Choose your preferences and click Scan. Preview the document and make the changes if necessary. Finally, click Done.
  • Now your printer will start scanning the documents, and once the process gets completed, you can access it from the saved destination.

HP Connect Setup

HP Smart enables you to connect your device to your HP printer. With HP Smart, you can print and scan your documents at the tap of your mobile phone. Download the HP Smart application from the official website of HP and install it on your computer by following the instructions. Here are the instructions to connect your HP printer to HP Smart:

  • Place your printer and computer/smartphone near the router.
  • Connect your printer and computer to your router's network.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your computer so that HP Smart can detect your printer.
  • Now, launch the HP Smart app and sign in to your HP account. Tap on Add Printer and when it shows you a list of printers, choose your printer model and complete the setup.

HP Fax Setup

When you set up your printer for the fax function, you can send and receive faxes on your printer. Before you step ahead to set up a fax connection on your HP printer, make sure that it supports the fax function.

  • To set up your printer for the fax function, take a phone cable and connect it between the LINE port of your printer and a phone jack.
  • Launch the HP printer driver and navigate to Fax Setup Wizard. Enter your name and ten-digit fax telephone number in the appropriate fields.
  • Now choose your preferences, including ring type, dial type, and volume levels.
  • If you want to test the fax function, go to your printer control panel and choose Setup> Tools> Run Fax Test.

Common HP Printer Problems

A printer may go offline due to a number of reasons. When you identify the exact reason, you can fix the issue quickly.

Disable the Use Printer Offline option

  • If you have enabled Use Printer Offline, your printer will not appear online.
  • In that case, go to Devices and Printers on your Windows Control Panel.
  • Right-click on your HP printer and choose See what's printing.
  • Click the Printer menu and disable Use Printer Offline.

Set your printer as the default one

  • It is essential to keep your printer as the default one. If not, your HP printer will not receive the print jobs sent from your computer.
  • To make your printer as the default one, go to Devices and Printers, right-click on your printer, and choose Set as default printer.

Remove and re-add your printer

  • At times, removing and re-adding your printer can help you fix the Wi-Fi connection issue.
  • To remove your printer, go to the Devices and Printers section.
  • Right-click on your printer and choose the Remove Device option.
  • Now, go to the Devices and Printers section again and click on the Add a printer option. Follow the instructions and re-add your printer. Then check whether the issue is resolved.

Uninstall and reinstall your printer driver

  • Uninstall the printer driver from your computer.
  • Go to the official support page of Brother and download the updated printer driver.
  • Now, install the updated printer driver on your computer by following the instructions on the screen.

If your printer fails to print the jobs you send, just don’t panic. You can get rid of the issue by trying out the solutions given below:

Check the basics

  • Check whether electrical outlet is in good condition. You can check its functionality by connecting a different device to it.
  • If an error code appears on your printer, you need to fix it to ensure the printer's better functionality.

Cancel all the documents

  • When the print jobs get piled up on the printer memory, it may fail to print the documents. In that case, it is recommended to cancel all the documents from the queue.
  • To cancel the documents, go to the Devices and Printers section, right-click on your printer, and choose the See what's printing option.
  • Click on the Printer tab and choose the Cancel All Documents option.

Power cycle your printer

  • A simple power cycle can help you fix most of the significant issues. To do so, turn off your HP printer and unplug the cable.
  • Let your printer be undisturbed for a minute. Then turn on your printer and check whether the issue is resolved.

Paper jam may occur anywhere inside your printer. The most common reason behind the paper jam issue is loading damp, curled, and not aligned paper. Paper jam also occurs when you load paper more than the indicated limit. When there is a paper jam inside the printer, your printer control panel will show you the exact area where the paper jam has occurred. You can get rid of paper jams by accessing the area and removing all the jammed paper.

When there is an issue with your printer's ink cartridges, your printer will not perform efficiently. Try out the steps below to fix the issue:

Replace the ink cartridges

  • If your printer prints blank pages, you need to check whether it has sufficient ink.
  • On the printer control panel, check the ink levels.
  • If you find any of the cartridges to be expended, replace them as soon as possible.

Reinstall the cartridges

  • When the contacts inside the printer and cartridges are unclean, you will end up in trouble.
  • Thus open the printer's front cover followed by the cartridge access door. Take out all the cartridges one by one. Wipe the contacts gently inside the printer and cartridges.
  • Install the cartridges into their respective holders and press them until they snap into place.

Use genuine ink cartridges

  • If you are using third-party ink cartridges, you will end up with trouble. Thus, if you are using such cartridges, take them out and reinstall them with genuine ink cartridges.


On this page, you have seen the common procedure that applies to almost all HP printers. If you are curious to know the exact instruction for your HP printer model, click on your printer model and check the instructions.

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